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I am so grateful for all the hard work and your belief in my case.

Mesa, AZ


Thank you, I hope you get all you deserve out of life.  My faith in the system is restored.  I will be referring people to you in the future.

Tucson, AZ

Jeremy and his team literally stepped in to handle my case at the last minute, due to another attorney dropping the ball.  Jeremy was able to put together a very sound, smart approach to my complex case and the level of preparation he did far exceeded my expectations.  We went into the hearing fully prepared, Jeremy was able to point out some things even the Judge was unaware of that were critical to our success and overall his representation was the reason we were able to have a favorable decision.  I would HIGHLY recommend Jeremy and his firm they are true professionals.

Tucson, AZ


Dear Jeremy, Alexia, Joane and Staff at Hallinan & Killpack Firm

My family and I truly appreciate your hard work over the last 2 years!  You all were easy to work with, and made this process simple and straight forward.  I was able to focus on trying to get rid of these headaches!  Hoping they’ll be gone this year!

Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2018!

Tucson, AZ

I want to thank Jeremy Killpack of Hallinan& Killpack Law Firm for the outstanding job they did in my difficult appeal before an Administrative Law Judge.  My case was transferred from another state when I moved and he had to start from scratch.  He was able to bring in an expert to speak on my disability and Jeremy won the appeal and my case.  He was, at all times, understanding and informative about technical issues.  I would highly recommend Jeremy Killpack and Hallinan & Killpack to anyone who needs outstanding  representation.

 Tucson, AZ

My disability first affected my ability to work full time in 2009; at which time I went from full to part time.  By the end of 2009 I was unable to work on a consistent basis.  Several years had passed before I consider applying for SSD (for many reasons, not the least of which was I didn’t see myself as disabled or just stubborn I suppose).  Anyway, I finally decided to apply in 2015 while living in Omaha Nebraska.  I signed on w/ an attorney & after reviewing my medical records he chose to accept my case.  That being said, I was denied (x2) during the administrative portion of the application process.  In 2017, I moved to Tucson AZ where my case was transferred . . . though I had to seek representation.  Initially, I approached a Law Firm here in Tucson; however, after reviewing my records they declined to accept my case.  They didn’t even interview me; simply made the decision based upon my medical records.  Consequently, I went to my first hearing w/out representation (which was clearly not a good choice).  After starting the hearing, the judge inquired regarding my lack of representation . . . to which I expressed the above thoughts.  The judge then discontinued the hearing & suggested that I head out & find representation.  (((I did and I did))).  

This is where Mr. Jeremy Killpack comes into my life.  I gave him the same records that I gave the other Law firm; however, Mr. Killpack met w/ me to review my case.  Now I do realize that the first part of my story is pretty typical (meaning many; if not most) applicants receive an administrative denial (or two) . . . but that is not the case w/ the other Law firm.  

Additionally, there was a dramatic difference between Mr. Killpack’s interactive style. . . (where he was compassionate & left you feeling like he understood you and appreciated you sharing your story) -vs- the other two law offices.  This was absolutely not the case w/ the other two attorney offices [to them I felt like just another case (to be won or lost) & this is not what someone wants to feel when they’re sharing their story].  In Mr. Killpack’s case, he appeared genuinely interested in my story & clearly he was able to successfully represent me as I was granted disability after returning to court w/ representation.  

I don’t have a great deal of experience w/ attorneys; however, three is enough for  me to say that I’d recommend Mr. Killpack in a heart beat . . . Historically speaking, I worked as a mental health provider; so, I’m familiar w/ what makes ‘good interpersonal communication skills’ . . . & I think Mr. Killpack has an outstanding ability to communicate empathy to his clients AND be successful in the court room . . . what more can someone want in an attorney.  

Hope this helps someone else as they begin their SSD journey.

Tucson, AZ

Dear Mr. Jeremy Killpack,

I want to express my gratitude to you and your office for standing by me through a difficult trial.  Words cannot express how thankful I am.  There were days that I thought that there would be no light at the end of the tunnel and I was losing hope, especially since disability was taking long to get my case moving.  I would call your office and speak to Cameron and Breanna, they would always give me words of encouragement.

The day that I met you, it gave me hope to not give up and not drop the case.  Mr. Killpack, thank you for standing through this difficult time with me in my life.  I am extremely blessed to have you help me with my case and for sharing your faith and trust in the Lord.  I also want to express my gratitude to Judge Peter Baum’s decision in my case.

Please also let Mrs. Joane Hallinan I say thank you for taking my case on and telling me to fight.  I will always highly recommend you and your office to everyone.

Tucson, AZ

We're On Your Side

Hallinan & Killpack Law Firm aggressively represents its clients and we have the experience, integrity, and connections to assist you in your personal injury, car accident, semi-truck accident, slip and fall, or Social Security disability claims. Do not delay in contacting us as pertinent evidence could be lost forever, or your case could be irreparably damaged. We assist our clients in obtaining the medical care and evaluations essential to their claims and to the improvement of their lives and we strive to always provide our clients the attention they deserve in this impersonal world.

Joane, thank you so much for the great job you did on my case!

 Safford, AZ

Hello Joane,

Forgive the misspellings as I'm speaking this since I can't write well tennis elbow.
I just wanted to thank you and your partner forgive me I don't know his first name but Mr Killpack for everything you have done for me I've been your client since 2012 and you fought for me so many times.
Your staff has been so wonderful no matter how many times I've called or been a pain so I'm sure I have been not that I've meant to be but I have to say thank you for so many things.
Your staff has been so wonderful to me thank you for hiring such johnny-on-the-spot people Audrey Patricia and all the other people that are on your staff that has answered my calls and gotten back to me.
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and everything you've done for me and your staff that you've hired.
I came in today to make sure that I paid up my account and I brought in the Cigna paperwork that they wanted me to fill out and your staff members came in and they help me thank you I had no appointment but yet they were there for me so for that your graciousness and the graciousness of your staff.

Beyond saying thank you I say bless you.
 Tucson, AZ